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Transform Health

Two weeks ago I attended the IIN live event for graduates in New York City titled – Transform Health.

It was such an awesome reminder about why I have chosen to move into health coaching as my next career path. I want to inspire you to transform YOUR health!

I listened to highly recognised and experienced Doctors and experts like Dr Anthony Weil, Dr Terry Wahls, Dr David Ludwig and Dr Mark Hyman. All of which spoke about the particular areas of health that they are each passionate and educated about, though I think they all, as well as the 1000 attendees, could agree on one common idea and that is for us all to ‘promote health and prevent disease’ rather then spending all of our hard earned cash on ‘fixing’ disease once it hits ( and is then sometimes too late and can’t be fixed anyway )

I am so passionate about doing what we can to prevent lifestyle related disease such as diabetes, heart disease, alzheimers and other mental health issues RIGHT NOW, not tomorrow or next year. I came away from this conference knowing that my job is to inspire people to make some changes and to give people HOPE that it is possible to take control of your situation and flip it around. Often when you are given a health diagnosis by the Dr, you take that home, then what? Usually you feel unsure, start googling, then you feel overwhelmed, you might change one or two things in your lifestyle for a couple of weeks, take a pill and forget about the whole thing until next time when things might just be a little bit worse and a little bit worse again. . yes??

I want everyone to know that we are each in control of our choices and if we can all learn to respect our body and listen to our body, it will always want to heal itself or at least reach some level of homeostasis. Just think when you fall over and hurt your knee as a kid, there really is nothing you can do but keep the graze clean and over a few days your body naturally has its own way of healing. The same thing happens on the inside of us if we only give the body half a chance.

Each of us CAN make a different to the current obesity, diabetes and mental health epidemic that is impacting us Aussies. What is important is that small everyday choices we make, using food as medicine and living with synchronicity. It’s pretty simple really! I want you to share my passion to transform health with the people you know, maybe you have a friend or family member going around in circles with a health complaint or constantly struggling with stress and anxiety. Encourage them and yourself to get in touch with me today.

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