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Set goals that are ACTUALLY going to happen!

Can you believe it? January is almost over! We are all well and truly getting back to school and work and our routines for the year will begin all over again. Some of us will have put serious thought into what we want to get out of this

new year with lists and vision boards and others simply laugh at the idea of goal setting and resolution making.

Which one are you?

Personally, I sit somewhere in the middle. I like to reflect on the previous year and look at what I have learnt, what I have enjoyed the most and what I have achieved. Then I will usually have a fair idea of what I would like to get out of the following year or two, but so far I haven’t even written those things down. For me, I know that I am super self motivated and once I decide what it is I want to achieve I will set the wheels in motion to make that happen. Though not everyone can say they are good at self motivating and that is exactly when you might struggle with ‘goal setting/resolution making’ and actually getting those things to happen for you.

There are a multitude of reasons why people don’t, can’t or won’t stick to their goals and here are 3 of the top.


If no one knows about the changes you want to make in life then you can secretly tell yourself you are going to do something and then not do it and have no consequences. The first thing you need to do is TELL A FRIEND, DO IT WITH A FRIEND, JOIN A FACEBOOK GROUP, SIGN UP TO HEALTH COACHING etc. There are so many ways to keep yourself accountable and guess what – it works!

I have had many clients tell me if they see me down the street or they receive the follow up email it is an instant reminder of ‘have I done the thing I said I was going to do?’


Many of us write on our list - loose 10kg, eat healthy, get a pay rise etc. These goals suck! Writing things like this is unrealistic, daunting and straight away you will not follow through – hence the same goals being set year after year. Your goals need to be broken into baby steps and made realistic and achievable. Eg You are wanting a pay rise in your current job. Have you researched and compared incomes of others in your industry, are you worth it, have you approached your boss before, do you have a suggestion of a better rate or a plan to work towards with targets etc ? GET PAY RISE is very broad. Your goal should be about whatever the very first step towards making that happen is. Get it? BREAK IT DOWN.

Number 3 – MINDSET - because nothing good is ever EASY.

Who is scared of hard work? Okay so, a lot of people are! We all want something for nothing and unfortunately that’s not how things work. You need to be willing to work for your change. You need to know that you will be uncomfortable in the process. You need to know that there will be failure before success. And you need to know that all of those things are worth it when you achieve those fabulous things you want to achieve, slowly but surely. Most people get a little bit uncomfortable, freak, and give up! That is a sure way to never achieve anything great. Real change is about simply making the choice to do something, have your mindset right, go through the motions and you WILL achieve.

The new year really does bring an exciting new energy and the idea of a ‘fresh start’ for many people. I truly hope that those of you half thinking about making some changes ( be it for health reasons, personally, in business , WHATEVER it is ) that you embrace this new energy and run with it. If not now, then when?

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