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My dad was diagnosed with the C WORD

Recently my dad was diagnosed with Prostate cancer and the diagnosis process went like this …

SIDE NOTE - My Grandad died of prostate cancer after living with it for 13 years. This hereditary factor means that my dad was already 50% more likely to end up having prostate cancer as well.

Dad started noticing physical changes over the last 12 months and thought that something was ‘not quite right’

He went back to the doctor for his annual check in (he has always had regular checks because of the hereditary factor), and he told the GP he felt like crap. They did blood tests for a number of things continually over a few months.

He went back again and the GP said the PSA (levels they check in your blood for prostate cancer) was changing each blood test but definitely was not at a level to be worried about, and his prostate was enlarged but that is also nothing to be worried about because of his age…

He continued to notice the physical symptoms and asked ‘but what about the fact that my father died from this and I know that I don’t feel quit right, I am concerned and maybe I should see a specialist’. The GP said she wasn’t concerned and didn’t believe there was any reason for him to worry but if he really wanted to, he could go away to see a specialist. Dad said ‘um, yes thanks.

Off he marched to the specialist earlier this year and after numerous scans and a biopsy procedure he was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

He then had the choice of having radiation treatment or surgery.

Now, although we know that this type of cancer is generally slow growing and is very common, the idea of my dad taking the word of one doctor and ‘forgetting about it for another 12 months’ is very concerning.

This is just one very simple example of just how important it is to


I have heard this so, so many times from clients - that they or a family member has felt like something was going on with their body and were dismissed reasonably quickly by their usual health care professional. Those of us who are more intuitive with our body are probably able to take notice of any warning signs our body is giving us reasonably quickly. Then there are others amongst us that it nearly takes a lump of wood to the side of the head for them to realise SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT. Either way, our body is always working towards health and if we do the right things by it, it always wants to heal itself and that is why it is so important to LISTEN.

You know your body best and it is time to ask questions.

If the Dr says you have nothing to worry about but you know deep inside something is up, it is time to give yourself permission to SPEAK UP, FIND ANSWERS and GET A SECOND OPINION because you are in charge here!

Just to be clear, we LOVE Doctors. The work they do is immeasurable and outstanding. The hours they work and the acute illnesses and injuries that are healed and fixed are incredible BUT, they are also only human AND… they are not you. You know your body best, you know your family history, you know the risks you are willing to take, you know what you are and are not willing to put into your body and it is okay to speak up and push against the ‘norm’.

If you are told that everything looks okay but your gut feeling says that it is not okay, SAY IT

If you don’t feel 100% confident about the answers you receive about an issue you have then ASK for a SECOND OPINION

If you are given pills as the only ‘solution’ INVESTIGATE

If you are told your blood tests are ‘normal’ but your physical symptoms say otherwise FIND OUT WHAT ‘NORMAL’ REALLY IS

I want us all to remember we are the ones in charge! Make it your mission to find a Doctor that really gets you and that you trust OR find an alternative therapist that will help you to leave no stone unturned. You decide, do you want to be on the bridge or in the rapids? Start asking questions today while you still have a choice.

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