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Morish Mango Mousse

Enjoy this yummy lactose free mango mousse this summer. It is super simple but looks pretty impressive when serving it to guests!

2 large ripe mangoes

300ml zymil lactose free thickened cream

1 Tbsp fresh lime juice

1 Tbsp organic icing sugar

2 tsp organic gelatine powder

Method :

Blend mango flesh and lime juice together in a nutribullet or regular blender until smooth, pour into large bowl.

Whip cream and icing sugar in small bowl until soft peaks form.

Dissolve 2 teaspoons of gelatine powder in a small bowl with 1 Tablespoon of cold water, then add 1 Tablespoon boiling water and mix continually until dissolved.

Whisk gelatine mixture into the mango, then fold in cream gently until combined.

Divide into 6 small ramekins or serving glasses OR into one large bowl.

Set in fridge for at least 4 hours or over night.

Serve cold with chunks of frozen mango, passion fruit or toasted coconut.

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