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4 Reasons You Have Anxiety - Part 1

Has anyone ever asked you “what are you anxious about?” and your answer was “I don’t really know”. Well guess what sister (or dude) you’re not alone! Nearly HALF of us Aussies have had, or currently do have issues dealing with anxiety. But how many of us actually understand what is happening to us? My guess is … not many.

I am not really talking about the general anxiety that we all feel when we are late for work or we have to give a speech in front of a crowd. That stuff is normal, it keeps us moving through the day and lets us know that we are alive. I am talking about the constant anxiety that feels like it chimes in on your every move, it causes panic attacks to come out of nowhere and it can even have you feeling sick as soon as you wake up in the morning. This type of constant anxiety is what affects our health and will rule our life.

You need to understand your anxiety so that you can take away its power! YAS PLEASE!

If your caring friend simply asks “but why are you always so anxious?” the real answer is going to be a complicated one. There can be layers and layers (yes, like an onion) of different lifestyle related things as well as genetics and general health issues that are the real cause of your worried/panicked state.

There are LOADS of things to consider but I will talk about 2 of the big ones here

1. Genetics and Conditioning

Mental health concerns are very much hereditary which means it is highly possible that genetically you are blessed with a lower stress tolerance than the next person. Everyone has a threshold which they are comfortable sitting underneath but when that line is crossed, anxiety can wreak havoc on the body and the issue is, everyone has their own LINE TO CROSS. So, what seems simple and not so stressful to one person could be a really hard situation to navigate through for another person who has a lower threshold. Often, if your parents were worry warts then you will be too. The other aspect of this is that you are conditioned to believe certain things in life as you are growing up. If you witness your parent’s anxious ways it is possible OR probable that you will take that on yourself. Conditioning is really about the stories you have heard and been told through your life. For example, Money. If you grew up hearing things like ‘we have no money’, ‘we can’t afford it’, ‘you are only successful if you have money’, ‘you will never be somebody special because you will never have money’ etc. Chances are that you will begin to subconsciously believe this language. Parents who are super nervous and over protective may do the same thing. ‘Don’t do that you will hurt yourself’, ‘we don’t know anyone at the party so we are not going’, ‘don’t say that you might embarrass yourself’ etc. All of which will influence you and your thoughts without you even realising it.

Take a minute to think about these examples and see if you can find anything that could have been part of your childhood conditioning or the genetics that could have been passed on to you.

2. Technology and lifestyle

For mostly everyone living in this modern world, we are swept up into the ‘fast pace’ that is the daily norm. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that the effects this is having on our bodies and minds is mostly a negative one. We are stimulated all day by computers and phones, meetings, appointments, traffic, gym classes, coffee and alcohol, tv screens and more phones just before bed to top it off nicely … and HELLO… our little caveman brains were not designed to handle SO. MUCH. STIMULATION.

If you are someone who does honestly struggle with anxiety this is your first place to start. Take a look at the technology you use regularly and find a way to step away from any unnecessary stimulation. Think about what activities you can cut out and what ways you can start to slow downnnnn? Your mind will thankyou for this almost instantly I promise.

For personalized help dealing with your anxiety contact me through my website today!

Corinne xx

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