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3 facts that will make you choose to go 'Au Naturel'

Have you been wondering what the big deal with going 'natural' or using 'low tox' products is lately?

Here is my version of how I see things when it comes to being chemical conscious in this chemical filled world we live in. I don’t use toxic products on my skin, in my body or around my house. I will be honest and say of course I am not perfect 100% of the time and I haven’t always lived this way. I used to use heavy make-up, drink soft drink, eat take away and party regularly BUT I am fortunate to have learned about the effects these things have on our health at such a young age!

Really, if you don’t know any better you can’t do any better, so I am here to tell you so that YOU KNOW and you can DO!

After attending Woodford Folk Festival at the age of 15, my mind opened to the importance of looking after mother earth. After that in my late teens I began to realise the importance of what goes in and on our bodies and further more after some of my own health issues in my early twenties I decided to take this stuff seriously! My deodorant, my cleaning products, my food, the products I use in my hair salon and lastly my MAKE- UP all changed. None of us can always be perfect with our choices, but by tackling one area of our life at a time we can slowly make the changes we need to make.

If you are thinking that it all seems like too much of an effort or it is too daunting, I promise that if you open your mind to the real benefits of change and go through the trial and error process you will find your favourite ‘go to’ natural products and in time, it will be easy to make the switch.

Here are 3 areas of concern and some fun facts to get you started...

Take note here – your skin is your largest organ and it absorbs 70% of what goes on to it!! Yep, you heard correctly, 70%. That means if you are dousing yourself in perfume and fake tan, heavy make up and moisturisers 70% of those chemicals will be absorbed right in to your blood stream or lymphatic system.

This one fact makes it a no brainer for me to look at every single product that I use on my skin, investigate the ingredients in each one and to look at better alternatives. You can start by looking at


-body wash

-skin care / face products

-fake tan


-make up



-nail polish


The next area of concern is laundry and household cleaning products. When using these products you will most likely come into contact with them on your skin, breathe them in and your clothes will then be touching your body after being washed or soaked in these harsh chemicals. Many times, laundry detergents and fabric softeners are found to be the culprit for triggering asthma and skin allergies both in adults and children. The general products bought from the supermarket are toxic if consumed by humans or animals.. enough said? Maybe you can try skipping softeners all together or use vinegar instead.

Start by looking at

-laundry detergent

-fabric softeners

-stain removers

-toilet cleaner

-shower cleaners

-surface spray

-washing up liquid

-dishwasher powder

Remember, every time you squirt these things around you are breathing them straight into your lungs- ah gross!

Last but not least, THE FOOD YOU EAT! This one is a high priority to me. Please, take note, our tummies have the first contact with the outside world so why would we choose chemical laden or ‘fake, not really even food’ items to put in our mouths? Our digestive system has a gigantic job to do each and every day as it filters through the good and the bad providing you with the nutrients you need and getting rid of what you don’t. We are only making its job that much harder when we add in chemicals and processed junk food, or you can choose to make its job a little easier by eating REAL food that is clean and meant for human consumption.

This includes fruit, vegetables, beans and legumes, grains, nuts and seeds, meat and dairy products – all of which preferably ORGANIC!

This does NOT include – packaged, processed, fast foods, meal replacements, and things with numbers like 210 or 420 ….. what the?

We should also be choosing organic produce as much as possible, not only because of the effects that the chemicals have on our bodies but also the environment. Chemicals like glyphosate or agent orange that have been used to grow GMO crops and in conventional farming are too disgusting to even think about. The future health of the soil is ruined, the healthy living microorganisms are killed off, the chemical remnants are washed into water ways.. the list goes on for the environmental damage that these things can have. Long term consumption of chemical laden food, in my opinion, will always have a negative effect on the health of a human body. Whether we can prove that the increased cancer rates, obesity, Alzheimer’s, heart disease or any other health issue is linked to the poisons in our foods or not, I can not see how consuming these things could ever be a positive. And I don’t want to take that risk, do you?

Remember, your skin is your largest organ, house hold products can cause huge health issues for some people like asthma and allergies and your tummy (GI tract ) is the bodies first contact with the outside world! So next time you go to purchase that smelly laundry liquid or a shiny red apple, ask yourself..

how does this impact my body, my families health and the environment?

If there is a simple, effective and affordable option available to you to start making some changes, wouldn’t you be crazy not to?

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