My Services

Health History

In this session you will answer questions about your health ( both past and present ) and we will discuss what goals you are wanting to achieve and what changes you are open to making as we work towards getting your health on track.

1hr | FREE

6 Month Program

My 6 month program involves two 1hr sessions per month. We discuss all areas of imbalance in your life and create goals to suit each individuals needs. During your 6 months of working with me there will be ups and downs, illness, holidays and whatever life throws at you. I will be there the whole way to keep you focused, accountable and on the road to sustaining better health.

12 x 1hr sessions | $996

Women's Circles

These circles are for support and creating greater connection with new and old friends. As women, we often face similar struggles in life and this is the perfect place to support and inspire each other. You can also share your ambitions, your dreams and your ideas on the given theme of each circle while enjoying a relaxed cuppa with other like minded women.

3hr circle | < 10 guests | by donation