The short version of the story that has lead me to helping people as a health coach goes like this...

I have struggled ( mostly without realising it ) with anxiety my whole life. Things as a kid definitely made me seemingly 'more' nervous than many of my friends. Swimming days, sleep overs, school camp, the dark all seemed like a big deal to me. As I got into my late teens early twenties I started to suspect that maybe I was anxious but even then I still didn't really know what that meant. I first asked a doctor for help when I was 19 and was given antibiotics and sent on my way, and again two more doctors by the age of 24, one of which told me "IT IS ALL IN YOUR HEAD" and couldn't get me out the door quick enough. By that stage I was having regular full blown panic attacks, my social life was massively effected, I felt like I could be depressed because I felt so down, I had food intollerances sneaking up left right and centre PLUS all of the other physical sides effects like a constant lump in my throat. So, after begging for help from 3 doctors and with seemingly little to zero interest in helping me, I took the matter into my own hands and have been on the war path for answers ever since!


Now, with my knowledge and training from IIN, much personal experience and the passion I have for helping others to take control of their health and lifestyles I am here to help YOU take the next step to better health.



Also, I want to let you know that I am passionate about 3 things


LIFE - I absolutely love loving life, feeling gratitude for what I have (and that of course includes my health) I want us all to live the life we deserve!!

managing ANXIETY - There is such limited support out there for this ever increasing health epidemic. If you suffer with anxiety I promise that there is so much hope and so many options for you, it just takes time and it is a truly multi-pronged approach which I am HERE to help you with, because, I get it! 

GUT HEALTH - and the importance of the connection between gut health and our mental health. This subject is so relevant right now and I want to shine a light on it big time! Our gut is thought to be even more important then any other single organ in our body which means we need to start treating it better. Poor gut health is directly linked to anxiety, stress, energy slumps, foggy cognitive function, skin issues, upset digestion and so much more.

With my passions in mind I am guiding clients through lifestyle changes in ALL AREAS  so that they can become HEALTHY and WHOLE all of the time. 


My Story