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Hey! I'm Corinne Tunstall, your Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. 
If you are struggling with stress/overwhelm or have been dealing for anxiety for a long time and you want serious change in your life, then you my friend, are in the right place!
What I love most in the world is helping people feel good and connecting deeply and genuinely. My work as a health coach lets me HELP YOU, HELP YOURSELF and my personal experience with serious anxiety has allowed me to really 'GET IT'. This program is designed to suit each individuals particular health needs, wants and desires. As we work together to arm you with the knowledge, strategies and practical tools you need to kick anxiety ( and probably some other bad habits ) in the BE-HIND this 6 month program will have you feeling like your healthy and whole self in no time.
The best part is that you actually don't have to put up with all the yucky effects that anxiety and stress cause you to feel, you do have choices and you are in control - YAHOO!
Lets chat soon, Corinne x
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Why Health Coaching?

It can help with


your gut health is central to your over all well being. Lets focus on improving digestion and the additional health benefits will speak volumes.

Weight Loss

meditated lately? Learn how this powerful ancient practice can change your life.

Women's Health

this complex area of health is key for women of all ages to keep in check. Hormonal imbalances can wreak havoc on our bodies and can happen without you even realising it. Learn to listen to your body today.


our relationships are forever changing and evolving. Maybe its time to upgrade your relationship skills.


how is your stress effecting your health? is it time to learn some coping strategies ?

learn to approach weight loss in a healthy and sustainable way that works for YOU and YOUR body. Let's change those bad habits!



"Wow! I did not expect to get so much from a 1 hour casual chat every fortnight.  My goals to improve my business, sleep and gut health were not just met but have been bigger success then I could have ever imagined.  The tools and techniques Corinne gives you are simple, time efficient and most importantly SUSTAINABLE.  I still have some extra gut health goals to kick and look forward to working further on this. I strongly urge anyone to give Corinne a call.  It will honestly make your life Healthy and Whole"


the healthy and whole version of you starts here

Thanks! You will hear from Healthy and Whole soon.

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